Preeceville Waste Treatment Facility completed

“We are please to announce the Town of Preeceville’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Project is complete,” said Lorelei Karcha, Town of Preeceville administrator.

The project involved the construction of two new aerated lagoon cells, two nitrification cells, a new blower building to house the mechanical equipment and electronics, and replacement of the existing force main (approximately 2.5 kilometre pipeline) from the sewage lift station to the wastewater treatment system. Although the construction is considered complete, the treatment system will not discharge into the Assiniboine River until the effluent meets the Saskatchewan guidelines for discharge requirements. Testing is ongoing weekly and it is expected to meet the guidelines within a few weeks.

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The Town of Preeceville received funding for a portion of the Wastewater Treatment Facility Project through the New Building Canada Fund. Following award of the Wastewater Treatment Facility construction works, an evaluation of the budget revealed the Town would not spend all of the New Building Canada Fund budget.

The Town of Preeceville has been approved to spend the remaining funds to upgrade the Sewage Pumping Station including building upgrades, pumps, electrical, and all mechanical piping. The additional project, partially funded by the original New Building Canada Fund budget is a “great reflection of the Town’s effort to responsibly manage the New Building Canada Funding opportunity,” said Karcha.

The Wastewater Treatment Facility combined with the Sewage Pump Station upgrades will ensure the Town of Preeceville can support economic and community growth for the next 20-plus years. The Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades project is planned to be complete by the spring of 2021.