Remembering loved ones through a Memorial Tree

For many of us Christmas brings back many fond memories of times past that speak about how we celebrate this season and with whom we celebrated. When we think back, we often experience deeply held and felt feelings and emotions that fill us, stated Reverend Miles Russell in last year's memory tree lighting ceremony.

This year's loved ones who have past were honoured when community members purchased a Christmas light bulb. The bulb was placed and lit on a special memorial tree with names of loved one who have passed away being acknowledged.

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The annual ceremony was held a little different this year due to the possible exposure of COVID in the community. The short program and reading of names was videotaped and posted online. The tree is located at the south end of Main Street in the parking lot.

Individuals who were remembered with the purchased bulbs were: Bob Ager, Jeremy Ager, Herald Bartel, Lorena Bartel, Dwayne Biccum, Adam Bodnar, Elsabe Bruwer, Gus Carlson, Peter Cherkowski, Judith Dalmas, Norris Dalmas, Gladys Dalton, Aurore DeRoo, Elfreda Enge, Alan Fairburn, Eva Fairburn, Roy Fairburn, Aidan Fullton, Bill Gawrelitza, Dale Gawrelitza, Barbara Gulka, Bernice Gulka, Joe Gulka, Paul Gulka, Emma Heagy, Erwin Heagy, Frank Holmes, Joe Johannessn, Lillian Johannesson, Ron Kaminsky, Rose Kardynal, Susie Kopelchuk, Mike Kosheluk, Gena Kosheluk, Bordon Long, Doug Long, Graham Long, Nellie Long, Russell Long, Toetie Lotter, Pat Loughlin, Zac Macfarlane, Bernice Maksymiw, Michael Maksymiw, Leanne Matsalla, Harry Meerholz, Norma Mintzler, Senoria Mushanski, Steve Mushanski, Abe Nel, Dawie Nel, Grieta Nel, Grietjie Nel, Alex Olszewski, Rosie Olszewski, Harry Panasiuk, John Panasiuk, Pete Panasiuk, Bernie Paslowski, Verna Paslowski, Clair Paul, Esther Paul, Trent Paul, Vern Paul, Harry Petrowski, Darcy Rediger, Connor Ross, John Sekel, Peter Shewchuk, Bill Simpson, Merial Smith, Doreen Steciuk, Corey Stefanyshyn, Darren Stefanyshyn, Kelly Stefanyshyn, Marcianna Stefanyshyn, Nestor Stefanyshyn, Issac Stener, Bruce Steppan, Irene Steppan, Leonard Steppan, Joe Strykowski, Lyle Swan, Annie Szeles, Inge Tunbridge, George Wagner, Marjorie Wagner, Jim Ward, Gertrude Wilgosh, Jerry Duane Wilgosh, Joseph Allen Wilgosh, Mike Wilgosh, Shelly Wilgosh, Harry Wirl and Margaret Wirl.

“At Christmas time in Canada, it is a religious and spiritual celebration for some: a family occasion for most, and a season of goodwill and giving for others in the community for many, across our land, regardless of their religion or culture,” said Russell.

“Through the placing of Christmas bulbs on the tree in memory of people we love, we are remembering, honouring and keeping close to our hearts those we have loved who are no longer with us at Christmas or through the year. The symbol we use to remember our loved ones is the light on this Christmas tree.

“The little light in the Christmas tree bulb glows brightly and distinctly against the darkened night sky. It reminds us that the tiniest light has the power to push back the darkness in the world.

“The Christmas tree light becomes an appropriate symbol, for no matter how you celebrate Christmas, whether it is spiritually or religiously, secularly, family focused or community geared; Christmas is all about the light coming into the world," stated Russell in last year’s ceremony.