Remembrance Day Service will not be open to public

The Preeceville Legion hosted a re-organization meeting on October 15 with 20 current members. The meeting was held at the Preeceville Community Legion Hall with COVID-19 guidelines applied.

"The Preeceville Legion Branch #188 now has 20 members with 11 being present at the meeting,” secretary Patricia Reynolds.

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Members in attendance were: Troy Rogowski, Bill Lesko, Adrian Larivee, Jeremy Mattison, Don Jaeb, Brian Rogowski, Patricia Reynolds, Garth Harris, Maureen Johnson, Donna Chalupiak and Darwin Chalupiak.
Positions voted for and passed unanimously were: Troy Rogowski, president; William Lesko, vice-president and Patricia Reynolds, secretary and treasurer.

Adrian Larivee stepped down as president and Leon Sill has stepped down from his position as secretary and treasurer.

Larivee was acknowledged and thanked for his past service. Leon Sill was not present at the meeting.
A number of items were discussed but the most important one was the Remembrance Day Service. At this point the legion has decided that there will be a service but it will not be open to the public. Only legion members will be able to attend the service at the Cenotaph due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The legion is looking at possibly live streaming the event. A meeting was held on October 22 that further discussed the service and the possibility of live streaming it. Wreaths and poppies will still be sold by the Legion.
Anyone wanting to become a member or wanting a wreath can contact any Legion member.

Following the First World War the veterans of Preeceville and surrounding area established a branch of the Great War Veterans Association. The organization was active until 1933, when the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League was formed. On March 31 of that same year the Preeceville veterans established a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, stated information from the Preeceville history book.