Residents pause to remember the fallen

Residents from across the area paused on November 11 to remember the fallen soldiers and war veterans.

The annual Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day service at the Preeceville Legion Hall was led by William Lesko, Preeceville Legion member.

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"The events that have unfolded on the world stage since the First World War, have shown that we are not immune from the horrific effects of terrorism and intra-state conflicts will continue despite our best efforts," said Lesko. "That is why, on Remembrance Day, we must take the time to remind ourselves of the sacrifices made to preserve our basic freedoms and renew our individual hopes for the future so that we may try to heal the wounds inflicted by the horrors of armed conflict and terrorism of yesteryear and today.

"Peace can not be kept by force alone," stated Lesko. "It can only be achieved by remembering, educating, and creating an understanding of causes of war as well as peace, amongst all Canadians. Our nation will only be as good in the future as the people growing up today are prepared to make it. On Remembrance Day, we take the time to remind ourselves of the sacrifices made to preserve our basic freedoms. By forgetting or ignoring what happened in the past we will leave some people with the comforting impression that these things did not happen. That attitude might well lead us to repeating the same mistakes of the past and lead us again into armed conflict," he concluded.

The Good Spirit School Division Band accompanied the audience in O Canada.

Lesko recited the names of the fallen soldiers from the area followed by the recitation of the Act of Remembrance.

Pastor Hein Bertram played the Last Post and Reveille.

Mary Sill recited Why We Wear a Poppy followed by Pastor Rob Lagrove representing the Evangel Tabernacle Church giving the prayer. Father Michal Pajak of the St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church gave the benediction and blessing.

Wreaths were laid on behalf of numerous individuals, business and organizations:

Captain Troy Rogowski laid a wreath on behalf of the Federal Government; Corporal Chris Federiuk laid the Provincial Government wreath; Mary Sill, Motherhood; Gary Hanson, Fatherhood; Larry Larrivee, Legion; cadet Denzel Vargas, First World War veterans; Leon Sill, World War Two veterans; Janhia Irlandez, Korean War veterans; Chris Balyski, Town of Preeceville; cadet Dean Terrenal, Rural Municipality of Preeceville; Ron Neitling, Knights of Columbus; cadet Lexluv Acosta, Credit Union; Camryn Nelson, Paul’s Drugs; Melvin Stone, Sturgis Care Home; cadet Hunter Nelson, Preeceville seniors; cadet Lucas Alblas, Preeceville Agencies; cadet Eric Prestie, Gateway Coop; cadet Zachary Larson, Pattison Agriculture; Brad Romanchuk, Village of Endeavour; Arlene Lingl, Catholic Women's League, Preeceville branch; Sharon Draper, Lion's Club; Candace Kuta, Lioness Club; cadet Christian Acosta, Preeceville School; cadet Kaulen Katryniuk, Sturgis Evangelical Church; cadet Almina Kovcic, Preeceville Vet Clinic; cadet Trina Correos, Mayor Garth Harris; cadet Gerbo Javelona, Preeceville Shop Easy; cadet Jamie Katryniuk, Sturgis Living Faith and Word Church; Leah Prestie, in memory of Cliff Crozier; Laura Crozier in memory of Jack Crozier; Art Crozier in memory of Norman Wall; Elaine Christopherson, Preeceville Hospital Auxiliary; cadet Madry McLaughlin, in memory of James Ward; Mary Petrowski, Preeceville Health Centre LTC; Sharon Draper, Preeceville museum; Myrandah and Jainylle Gagnon in memory of James Streeton and Corporal Ian Logan.

A wreath was also laid at the cenotaph outside the Legion Hall and at the Town of Preeceville administration building.

Lunch was prepared and served by cadet families.