SARCAN celebrates its 30 anniversary in Preeceville

SARCAN recently celebrated its 30th anniversary with a fun day and barbeque at the Mackenzie 's Hole in One miniature golf course on July 13. Individuals in attendance were treated to a hamburger for a toonie, a glass of home-made punch and cake.

Golfers young and old had the opportunity to try their hand at a free round of miniature golf and have their faces painted.

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The 50th anniversary of Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centre (SARC) was also celebrated in conjunction with the SARCAN 30th.

SARCAN has 72 recycling centres throughout Saskatchewan, two processing plants and one administrative office in Saskatoon., according to the website. SARCAN employs people of all abilities, and, with over 600 staff, is one of the largest affirmative employers in Canada. The SARCAN system for recycling is one of the most efficient and effective in North America, making SARCAN a champion of environmental protection.

In Preeceville,the amount of containers annually recycled in the 2017-2018 year was up 1,564,023, stated Danial Huebert, Preeceville supervisor.

"It showed an increase of 25% in last 5 years. On average we had 35 transport trucks of recycling per year from Preeceville and surrounding area. SARCAN province wide recycled over 4 million containers last year at 72 depots," he said.

SARCAN recycling provides environmental protection, employment creation and economic development through a province-wide network for recycling beverage containers, paint and electronics, stated the website.
SARCAN was founded in 1988 by Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centre (SARC),  which is the province-wide association that provides supports and services to organizations that serve people with disabilities throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

SARCAN was initially set up to recycle beverage containers, and it has since expanded its programs to include end-of-life electronics and paint recycling.

When customers bring their beverage containers for recycling at SARCAN, they receive the refund of the deposit that was initially paid for at the time of purchase. Electronics and paint are recycled as well; however, they do not have deposits attached to them, so there is no refund given by SARCAN.

All beverage containers, electronics and paint are processed and recycled into new products. All materials received by SARCAN are recycled responsibly, within North America; nothing is ever shipped overseas or sent to landfills.
The Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centre (SARC),is a provincial association that provides services to non-profit organizations to expand their potential and support the work they do in their communities, stated the web site. SARC has five decades of experience in supporting nonprofits in the areas of training, consulting, services, and leadership. With a membership of over 90 community based organizations; SARC is committed to providing quality services and training opportunities to our membership and beyond, according to the website.