SARCAN sets records in first few weeks of being reopened

Since SARCAN depots have been open they have recorded a record breaking number of recycled materials. SARCAN reopened its doors on June 15 to the public and the response was overwhelming, stated Sean Homenick of SARCAN.

Base numbers recorded at depots across Saskatchewan have been 2.7 million of recycled material. "We knew it was going to busy when we first opened but never dreamed that it was going to overwhelm the system to the degree that it had," he said.

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"We had people waiting in lines up to four hours to get into the bigger centres. The Drop and Go system used to make up two to three percent of the volume of recycled material but now has increased to half of that volume. Individuals have definitely started to use the system of tagging the bags and leaving them for staff to count at a later date. We try to get at the bags as quickly as possible but there is a backlog. The extra volume of numbers has caused more staff to be hired in each depot across Saskatchewan," said Homenick.

At the Preeceville SARCAN depot, there was the addition of three full-time and one

part-time staff hired to help maintain business.

"The numbers recorded were 61,500 recyclables and 199 customers in the first week of being opened. The second week recorded 83,800 recyclables with 312 customers," said Daniel Huebert, supervisor of SARCAN in Preeceville. "The customer lineup have been pretty good with most customer being very understanding and The Drop and Go Centre has also proved to be a popular option for many," said Huebert.

SARCAN Recycling is the recycling division of the SARC, a membership association of non-profit organizations that provide community-based services throughout Saskatchewan. SARCAN was created in 1988 when SARC was awarded the exclusive contract with the Government of Saskatchewan to recycle used beverage containers across the province.

Some SARCAN recycling depots across the province are operated by SARC Members, while others are operated directly by SARCAN.

SARC was established in 1968, but it didn't establish its recycling division SARCAN until 20 years later in 1988, when the province first introduced aluminium cans in Saskatchewan.