Snowmobile derby attracts 32 sleds

The Okla snowmobile derby attracted 32 avid sleds on February 24.

Snowmobilers traveled 40 miles through the scenic environment and met back at the Okla Community Hall for supper and awards.

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The derby donated $915 of the proceeds from hands collected to Telemiracle,

Mervin Alberts of Okla was the winner of the highest hand and Brandon Alberts, also of Okla, carried the hand.

Cameron Spray of Lintlaw was the second highest hand with Ryan Last of Lintlaw carrying the hand.

Mike Geib of Saskatoon was the third highest hand winner and he carried his own hand.

Mervin Alberts was the low hand winner with Brooklyn Alberts carrying his hand.

Kal Schutte of Okla received the award for local rider with most hands.

Brad Radawetz of Yorkton was the outside rider with most hands.

Linda Spray was the silent rider with most hands.

Ken and Richard Radawetz of Okla were responsible for creating and maintaining the trail.