Snowmobile season in full swing in Preeceville region

The snowmobile season has had snowmobilers hitting the snow for a while but the trails were not officially groomed. The Rough Rider Snowmobile Club had some issues with its groomer and being unable to sign the trails has caused trails not to be ready, stated Kellen Mack, groomer.

"The groomer is now up and operational and we have been busy grooming trials for the first time. Approximately 95 percent of the trails have now also been signed. Our club member volunteers are limited and it has been challenging this year to get the trails ready," he said.

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“The snow conditions are OK but not great, we need another foot of snow to help fill in ruts in the trail. In the forest and pastures snow is very limited so it does make for rough trails.”

The club was forced to close one trail this season which ran from behind the Preeceville Skating Arena to Annie Laurie Lake due to not receiving permission from the landowner.

Prior to the season all trails need to be cleared, shelters need to get stocked full of wood and trail signs need to be put up. With 282 km of groomed trails through the Porcupine Forest, across open fields and along some ditches and only very few members there is a lot of work that had to be done.

The Rough Rider Snowmobile Club is looking for anyone who is willing to donate a few hours of their time to help during the snowmobile season. The Club is encouraging snowmobile fans to get involved in the club in anyway.

Everyone who uses the trails is encouraged to stay on the marked trails and to remember they are riding at their own risk.

A snowmobile course will also be held on February 14 or 15 with Johnny Petryshyn instructing the course.

Rough Rider executive members are: Jamin Englot, president; Gordon Head, vice-president; Jason Feeley, treasurer and Laurie Decker, secretary. Kellen Mac is responsible for grooming the trails.

The Rough Rider Snowmobile Club will not be hosting its annual family snowmobiling day due to the lack of volunteers and interest.