Strelezki family celebrated its farm centennial

The descendants of Jacob and Paraska (Polly) Strelezki and Peter and Anne Strelezki gathered at the site of the original homestead of Peter and Anne to celebrate 100 years as a family farm operation on August 17. The family farms are located approximately 10 miles out of Endeavour.

Jacob and Paraska (Polly) Strelezki came to Canada in 1914 from Kodobeschti Bukovina Romania, which was under Austria rule, with their three children Peter, Steve and Katie. The family traveled on the SS Gothland vessel and landed in Quebec on June 5, 1914.

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They first settled at the Matt Shewchuk farm near Hamton, Sk. Jacob worked on his family farm while the family lived there. While in Kodobeschti, Jacob had worked as a policeman.

The family moved to the present homestead located on SW 30-37-5, W2 in 1916. Jacob cleared the land and farmed it. He also helped in the building of the St. John 's Greek Orthodox Church.

Jacob's son Steve took over the homestead when Jacob passed away. When Steve passed away in 1964 the homestead was taken over by brother Peter. Later in 1964, Peter's son, John took the homestead over and owned it until his passing away in 2001. John's sister Alice Wiwcharuk had rented the land for 40 years prior to owning the title to the homestead.

Peter also homesteaded beside his father’s homestead.

The children of Peter and Anne who were in attendance at the celebration and had their photograph taken with the family sign that denoted celebration of the century family farm were: Paul of Dorintosh; Bill of Endeavour; Mike of Canora; Polly Perpelitz of Edam; Mary Fialkowski of Endeavour; Elsie Perpelitz of Edmonton and Alice Wiwcharuk of Endeavour. Siblings unable to attend were: Steve of Maple Ridge, B.C. and Jack Strelezki of Snow Lake, Man. Siblings who have passed away are: Alfred, Tony, Olie, John and Lena. There were a total of 14 children in the family of Peter and Anne Strelezki.

Alice Wiwcharuk was responsible for gathering all the past history, getting the plaque made that now stands at the entrance of the homestead and organized the events for the farm 100th celebration.

"Everyone had a great time as we gathered for a potluck supper, reminiscing and playing old games that we had in the past as children," said Wiwcharuk. "The food was excellent and the meal ended with a celebration cake. A huge fireworks show concluded the evening. On Sunday everyone had the opportunity to explore the farm, share stories and teach some of the younger generation some old school games," she said.

Irvin Rayner made the frame for the sign and Wiwcharuk acknowledged her own children for all their help, as well as sister Elsie Perpelitz, Keith Roberts and Chad Wiwcharuk for the fireworks show.