Sturgis Composite prepares to welcomes elementary students into new school

            The Sturgis Composite School will be welcoming the elementary students into  the high school when the doors open on September 5.

            There are no new staffing changes at the school. Staff members include Brad Cameron, principal; Terry Zawislak, administration assistant, and teachers, Michael Andrusko, Kipp Bayer, Meghan Clancy, Sherry Lesser, Carla Lewis, Carla Olson, Kristen Peterson, Tara Romanchuk, Kelsey Seerey, Nathan Seghers and Lisa Serdachny.

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            Education assistants are Bev Kardynal, Levi Young, Sheila Meroniuk and Cecilia Sliva. Adeline Mills is caretaker and Craig Folk is the councillor.

            "The change is very welcome as it will allow staff and shared resources be better utilized," said Brad Cameron, principal.

            The library has been updated with chrome notebook computers and Katrina Wasylenchuk is the full-time librarian technician. The gym has received new lighting and renovations to the change rooms have been completed. The east hallway has been renovated to accommodate the elementary students.

There are still some more renovations that will be made as all renovations were not completed, Cameron explained. The upstairs has seen a complete renovation that will accommodate all students.

            The east side parking lot has been converted into a playground for the elementary students.

"There was grass seeded on the grounds, he said. Greg Olson should be complimented for all his dedication in seeding the grass and watering it.

Janice Beatty from the School Community Council was also a huge part of seeding that grass. There was a fence erected to help kids in and vehicles out.

Along with the new equipment there were five pieces of playground equipment that were moved over from the elementary school, said Cameron.

            The school will have a grand opening of the school's new playground equipment and new upgrades on October 20 during Education Week.

There will be no scheduled pancake breakfast but a hamburger barbecue will be held following the program. The back-to-school barbecue will be held September 8.

The boys senior volleyball team is scheduled to host a home tournament on September 15 and 16. The senior girls volleyball team will host a tournament on October 20 and 21.