Sturgis Composite Virtual Grad Scholarship

The Sturgis Composite High School hosted a virtual graduation scholarship presentation accrediting the 2020 Sturgis graduating students with scholarships on June 24.

Kipp Bayer, principal of Sturgis Composite School was accompanied by Kristen Peterson and Kelsey Newman, teachers, in the virtual scholarship presentation.

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"Good morning and welcome to our online scholarship presentation at Sturgis Composite," said Newman. "Today we will be presenting local scholarships to some of our 2020 graduates. Keep in mind that these students had to apply to be considered for them."

The Town of Sturgis offered a $500 scholarship to the top graduate of 2020. This year’s recipient was Rayanne Westermann, a hardworking student who maintained the high academic average of 95.2 per cent.

The Sturgis Museum offered a scholarship to a 2020 graduate in the amount of $100. This individual has been involved with organizing school events and helped coach Grade 4 to 6 volleyball. This year’s recipient was Tory Reynolds.

The Sturgis Community Council provided a $200 scholarship to an all around graduate. This individual has been involved in school and community sports and has taken part in school events such as the Mini Miracle run. This year’s recipient was Zane Bayer.

Preeceville Hospital Auxiliary provided a $300 scholarship to a graduate entering into the health profession. This year’s recipient was Jewel Howard who plans on furthering her education in the field of social work.

The Canora Co-op Sturgis branch provided a $200 scholarship to a 2020 graduate. This year’s recipient, Kale Musey, maintained an average of over 80 per cent and has a plan of working as a lineman in the power industry.

Prairie Soil Service offered two $500 scholarships to graduates entering into agricultural programs in the fall. This year’s recipients have bright futures ahead of them. The first recipient, Kacie Meroniuk, will be leaving the province and heading to Brandon for her Agriculture Business degree.

The second recipient of $500 went to Carter Masley who will be off to the University of Saskatchewan in the fall, focusing on agriculture. He is a hard worker in the school and community.

The Crossroads Credit Union Sturgis branch offered a scholarship in the amount of $500 to a CU member. This year’s recipient was Eden Antoniuk who had spent countless hours working in her classes and ensuring she had 100 per cent attendance when she graduated.

The Kin Club of Sturgis offered a scholarship in the amount of $500 to a Shanae Olson who has been very active in the school and community. If she wasn’t helping coach volleyball and figure skating she was running the school as SRC president.

Preeceville Vet Clinic offered a $500 scholarship to a 2020 graduate. This year’s recipient was Hannah Gerbrandt who is a very determined young lady with a high academic average.

Canora Ambulance provided a $500 scholarship to a 2020 Graduates. This student was actively involved in the school’s sports programs as well as mentoring younger students in lacrosse. This year’s recipient was Seth Rayner.

The Sturgis Community Bingo awards two scholarships in the amount of $150 each. These scholarships are to be presented to students who are community minded and maintain high academic averages and are continuing their studies at a post-secondary institution in the fall. The first scholarship was awarded to Carter Masley. The second scholarship was awarded to Shanae Olson. 

The Superannuated Teachers Union; Good Spirit Teachers Association, and Union of Nurses provided scholarships for which no one was eligible for this year.

The presentation acknowledged some of the graduates who have received entrance scholarships into post-secondary institutions.

There were two graduates who received entrance scholarships to the University of Regina. Hannah Gerbrandt received a $1,000 entrance scholarship and Eden Antoniuk received a $1,500 entrance scholarship.

Shanae Olson received a $2,000 entrance scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan. Olson also received a Kin Canada Hal Rogers Endowment Fund scholarship of $1,000.

Carter Masley was the recipient of the Robert and Maude Hale Scholarship from the U of S in the amount of $5,000.