Sturgis Klothes for Kids program has global reach

Carole Hauber gave a brief overview of the Klothes for Kids program held at the Sturgis St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church during the World Day of Prayer service on March 6.

"The Klothes for Kids program is an interdenominational group of grandmas who meet once a week to sew for poor children,” said Hauber.

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“We began with making dresses for girls but when the missionaries told us that the little boys cried when there was nothing for them, we added shorts for boys. We often send items for babies like underclothes and t-shirts as well as for their mothers. We have sewn blankets and quilts for missions in Uganda. The group has also sent thousands of items to Cuba, Costa Rica, Ghana, Haiti, Peru, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

Hauber said the group also helps the needy closer to home in the surrounding area.

“The communities of Sturgis and Preeceville have been recipients of our sewing,” she said. “We sew pajamas for the Christmas hampers, chair pads and bibs for the care homes, capes for the residents at the care homes, and many clothing and craft items that we sell locally provide funds for items we need and to cover the costs of shipping our suitcases overseas.”

Suitcases are sent with missionaries or travelers to various countries where the clothes are being distributed, being given directly to those in need. Most of the materials such as thread and lace are donated by generous individuals.

The group meets every Tuesday in the church’s basement and welcomes anyone who is interested in the project.