Sturgis Mayor perspective on moving forward for challenging new year

Sturgis Mayor Don Olson gave his projected view for the new year for the Town of Sturgis.

"Last year, 2020, the Town like every other town and community was faced with a lot of challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We move forward into another year with uncertainties and question if we can every go back to a pre-COVID time. We remain hopeful that some day we can re-open our sports venues, parks and programs that we all once enjoyed.

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“Moving forward in 2021, we hope to see the building permits that were previously approved by council move forward in the business sector. We will be continuing working on the Asset Management Plan that will help the Town keep better track of all its assets in the community. That involves equipment, and equipment inventory, as well as any plan for replacements in the future. Additional plans will be focused to include a detailed map of the town with the specifics of placements of all water, sewer, power and gas lines and hydrants and manholes. The map will be placed online for easier location and viewing of all services in the Town of Sturgis.

“The Community Plan involves the entire community and will be a long-term plan that will take 12 to 18 months to prepare with a professional planner.  

“I would like to see the new sub division proceed with the extension with establishing water and sewer services. The new division is located west of town and has already seen some establishment. The lots have all been surveyed and titled but we need some grant monies to be able to help us proceed.

“All of our water and sewer lines are in good shape and the Town's landfill remains licensed for another five years. There has been an environmental study done and we are lucky enough to have our landfill sitting on a site that has no ground water and it is manned by one person on a part-time basis. There is a possibility that we could be enlarging the existing water treatment plant but that is still uncertain at this point.

“Once the community hall is completely paid for in 2023 we will move forward to the possibility of another large project in the town. Since the old elementary building was taken over by the Town it was renamed the Sturgis Multi-Complex and all the rooms are currently fully rented out. It a very positive step forward for the community.

“We currently have great council members that are eager to do things and great administrative staff and maintenance department that includes the part-time land fill personnel. I look forward to an excellent new year," concluded Olson.