Sturgis Museum hosts work bee in preparation for new season

Board members and volunteers gathered at the Sturgis Station House Museum on May 19 to clean up the museum's grounds in preparation for its opening for the season.

"We are doing a complete clean inside and outside of the museum," said Stacey Wiebe, curator for the museum.

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The museum is unsure of a projected opening day, and Wiebe said they are looking forward to the beginning of another season.

"This year we will be focusing on getting more information of past businesses in Sturgis and for the current artifacts. The toy room upstairs will receive some organization. The train caboose located outside is a work in process with the addition of new and present artifacts. My long-term goal for the museum is to hopefully reach out to the public and get their help with better describing the artifacts that we currently have on display. I want to encourage anyone to come forward who can help us out with this project," concluded Wiebe.