Sturgis READ Club hosts district cribbage

The Sturgis READ Club hosted the senior Parkland Valley District cribbage games in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association (SSFA.)

There were eight teams entered in tournament held on February 22.

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"Provincials are only held every two years and this is not a provincial year," said Dave Weiman of Danbury, president of the Parkland Valley District Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association.

Weiman and Don Sill of Sturgis won the gold medal for their first place win. The team of Wayne Popowich and Ray Skogen won silver and Verna Melynchuk and Raven WhiteKnife won bronze, all of Sturgis.

Other teams entered were, Madeline Mandzuk and Hilda Zorn; Marianne Washburn and Eileen Bucsis, all of Yorkton; Larry Skogen and Betty Lou Skogen, both of Sturgis; Irene Lingl and Gordon Lingl, both of Preeceville and Ruth Zubko and Vicki Tanton, both of Stenen.

Yorkton will be hosting whist on March 4 and another cribbage game on April 1. Kaiser will be hosted at Buchanan on May 6; bank shuffleboard will be held in Melville on March 27; pickleball will be held in Yorkton on April 23; poetry and short stories can be submitted by May 15 to Anita Bella in Yorkton. Five pin bowling will be held in Esterhazy and track and field will be held in Melville. Both event dates are to be announced at a later date. Both curling and golf do not have a location or date announced at the time of release.

“Pickleball has really started to gain some popularity but unfortunately there is not enough interest in our local area to have it available. Individuals interested can play pickleball in Yorkton,” stated Weiman.

The SSFA is a volunteer, non-government organization formed in 1984 in response to the need for an activity program for people fifty years of age and older, according to information provided by the SSFA.

The SSFA is directed by a volunteer board of directors representing all districts of Saskatchewan. The main objective of the association is to promote active living, wellness and participation, said the information.

SSFA operates with funding from the Saskatchewan Lotteries and district fund-raising endeavors.

The main objective of the SSFA 55+ games is to promote active living, wellness and participation for adults 55 years of age and older. They may participate in the district and provincial games and can qualify for the national games.

District competitions are normally held every year while the provincial and national games are held every other year.

The 2018 executive for Parkland Valley District Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association are: Dave Weiman of Danbury, president; Eleanor Murray of Canora, vice president; Dianne Stinka of Yorkton, secretary and Maxine Stinka of Canora, treasurer.

The SSFA operates with funding from the Saskatchewan Lotteries and district fund-raising endeavours.

The seniors at the Sturgis READ Club have been keeping busy with many other activities and events. The club hosted a Valentines Day supper on February 14 and continues with cards and playing pool each week. Once a month the club hosts a card tournament along with socializing. The next big event for the club will be hosting a pancake breakfast for the Sturgis Sports and Rodeo Day scheduled in June.