Sturgis Rider Fan wins Grey Cup tickets

Michelle Hansen of Sturgis has been a huge fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders for 10 years and has had her life take many different directions.

One of those directions recently saw Hansen being chosen as the grand prize winner of Grey Cup Fit Up.

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“I was screaming, totally shocked. From all of the Canada I was chosen the winner,” exclaimed Hansen.

Hansen won two tickets to the Grey Cup in Edmonton, return airfare, and three nights’ hotel stay.

Her journey began in August of 2017 (100 days prior to Grey Cup), when the Canadian Football League (CFL) put out a social media Twitter fitness challenge.

The requirements were that she had to find at least 30 minutes per day to devote to any sort of physical activity, and report into Twitter with the hashtag #GreyCupFitUp during the 100-day challenge.

“That was the day I took my first step of many to come,” said Hansen. “Of course I joined in because it was football related and fan based and of course a fun social media frenzy that involved getting healthy.

“There were no requirements other than 30 minutes of any activity and everyone involved in the CFL social media family cheered one another on daily with positive coaching. 

“My walks started around the block, to around my home town of Sturgis then eventually some days up to 15 kilometres. I loved every step and every weather challenge, but mostly the many drive-by honks and waves of motorists who supported me along the road. Nothing ever stopped me from completing a 30-minute work out of some sort, so on the real cold and miserable days I relied on my exercise bike,” she said,

Daily, then weekly, then monthly, she completed the 100 day CFL GreyCupFitUp fitness challenge.

“I felt amazing. One of the frequent-asked questions I had was “how much have you lost?”

“To which I always replied, “not a clue, but I sure know how much I gained,” and that was a whole new appreciation for my physical health. I have gone down four sizes, which is tremendous,” she said.

After the Grey Cup was over, Hansen continued her daily routine, throughout the winter and into the new year.

“I was feeling great. I set my new personal challenge to spring training camp, then another 100 challenge was issued among us friends. The challenge was issued to do the 100 days by the season opening challenge. Every step was so much fun, for both the physical and mental health,” stated Hansen.

The challenge slowly lead to what would be #GreyCupFitUp 2018 challenge.

However when this hit Twitter, Sun Life Canada decided to partner with the CFL and award a prize to a person of their choice who has exemplified and promoted the Grey Cup Fit Up challenge to the highest level.

“So, of course since this was my new lifestyle and this was where it all began. I just kept on walking and kept on tweeting,” Hansen stated.

Then on October 30 Hansen received a phone call from Brodie Lawson from Toronto, along with representatives from Sun life and the CFL, who informed Hansen that she was the grand prize winner.