The Complaint Department drama performance

The Sturgis Drama Club presented a one-act play of The Complaint Department with Lemonade at the Sturgis Composite School on June 18.

The eight cast members under the direction of Meghan Hurlburt, teacher, were: Nevaeh Rudachyk, Hannah Gerbrandt, Tate Bayer, Kurtis Gerbrandt, Eden Antoniuk, Ava Bartch, Alecia Shuya and Shaylyn Karcha.

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"People will complain about anything, not almost anything, but absolutely anything," stated the play’s website.

This rapid succession of hysterical grievances had the complaint department receiving complaints ranging all the way from Oreo icing to kleptomania and from songs stuck in the head to the price of cheese and on and on and on. 

With a clever concept of rotating each complainant into the seat behind the desk, each character not only aired individual grievances, but also had to focus on someone else’s problem and assist with his or her complaint. 

All the roles were extremely balanced to give everyone his or her moment in the spotlight. There were no more than two people onstage simultaneously, and extensive doubling offered actors the challenge of creating multiple characters. 

"The students worked hard and had fun presenting this fun play," said Hurlburt.