The Invermay/Sturgis senior girls volleyball team brings home provincial silver

            The combined senior girls volleyball team of Invermay and Sturgis brought home a silver medal in the 2A girls provincial competition held in Muenster on November 19.

            Invermay team members were: Rod Zwarych (coach); Natasha Fey, Megan Sterenka, Ellyshia Enge, Megan Fey and Shayna Dubas. Sturgis members of the team were: Kaeleigh Folk, Mikayla Gregory, Peyton Secundiak, Audrey Vargas, Rhianna Olson and Brooke Olson.

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            "The girls played three games on Friday with the team winning two of the three games," said Trevor Olson, a parent.

            The first game played had Medsted defeating Invermay with a score 2 to1. The second game had Invermay defeating Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute 2 to 0. In game three, Invermay defeated Kerrobert  2-1.

            On Saturday, Invermay defeated Rossignol 2-1. In the quarter finals, Invermay faced Pierceland and defeated them 2-0 taking them to the semifinals where the team defeated Rossignol 2-1.

            In the final match for gold Invermay took on the home team of Muenster and lost 2-1.

 "They played hard but came up a little short for the win," said Olson. Muenster won the gold and Invermay/Sturgis captured the silver.

“This is the second year in a row that Invermay/ Sturgis girls were 2A provincial silver medallists," he said.