The Town of Preeceville mayor and council held its first meeting as a new council on November 13, ac

The Town of Preeceville mayor and council held its first meeting as a new council on November 13, according to Lorelei Karcha, administrator.

Election results were presented with members sworn in, each member taking his or her oath to office.

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Mayor Ralph Ager made a presentation to the new council on the roles and responsibilities of the mayor and councillors. Also up for discussion were: meeting procedures, conflicts of interest, public accountability, as well as town council responsibility with acting in the best interest of the community.

Sgt. Derek Friesen of the Canora/Sturgis RCMP detachment met with the town council discussing policy statistics, issues affecting the area, the RCMP presence in the community, process for filing reports or concerns, imposing fines, traffic offences, the area covered by the RCMP and the presence of RCMP in the school.

Council acknowledged the report for the Waste Water Treatment project and also acknowledged the final designs, drawings, and specifications for the upgrade project to the lift station.

Reports acknowledged and approved were submitted by: the town foreman, recreation director, community development officer and the administration.

Invoices were received from Ludba Construction Ltd. in the amount of $8,662 for the demolition of the town building located at 126 Main Street North and the invoice in the amount of $4,550 from the Parkland Regional Waste Management Landfill for landfill fees for the debris from the same demolition was approved and paid.

Council acknowledged the Preeceville Public Library re-opening to the public and approved providing assistance with purchasing additional personal protective equipment and sanitization supplies.

The council approved the renewal fee for Ron Boyle, shop labourer to attend his precertification of his Level 1 Water Treatment and Distribution and Waste Water Treatment certificate.

Following the COVID regulations, council acknowledges that the town follow the wearing mandatory masks in public.

Budget funding for operation was paid to: Preeceville Arena, $10,000; Preeceville Rec Board, $2,500 and Preeceville Community Legion Hall, $3,750.

Jason Durand was hired for the position of shop labourer.

Christmas bonuses were approved for all staff. Service appreciation gifts were given to Garth Harris (past mayor) and past councillors, Brian MacDonald, Chris Balyski and Mark Bourassa.

Deputy Mayors were set for the next year with Florian Balawyder for November to December, Welma Bartel for January and February, Sheldon Luciw for March and April, Jesse Nelson for May and June, Darin Newton for July and August, and Stacey Strykowski for September and October.

Building permits were approved for interior renovations for an office space and a six-month extension was given for a building permit.

The pickleball committee received approval for using the Preeceville Community Legion Hall two nights a week.

Council approved a $1,500 donation to Filling the Gap.

The lease agreement between the town and the Mackenzie Mini Golf was approved.

Committee reports were filed and acknowledged by: the Preeceville Community Legion Hall, the Preeceville Rec Board, the Preeceville Arena Board and the North East Area Transportation Planning committee.