Threshing demonstration brings back memories for many

An old-time threshing demonstration brought back memories for many in attendance at the Sturgis Sportsgrounds on July 21. The demonstration was part of the Sturgis Station House Museum pork supper fundraiser.

In preparation for the demo Vern Poworoznyk and his helper Bill German made wheat sheaves last fall and stored them on a hay rack in a covered shed.

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"It is very important to keep traditions alive, which is getting increasingly difficult in today's world," said Poworoznyk. "My passion stems from my childhood past when I used to help out on the neighbour’s farm when they would cut, bind and make sheaves of grain that were threshed by a thresher. Those were the times when it took days with lots of volunteers to do 100 acres and the suppers that followed were the best at the end of the day. Every year I like to go out and use the old binder and reminisce about the past and the fun, along with the hard work we used to do,” stated Poworoznyk.

Dale Bashforth and Steve Poworoznyk also helped the duo with forking the prepared sheaves into the 1920 McCormick thresher that was used in the demonstration.