Town Council addresses numerous topics

The Town of Preeceville council met and discussed numerous topics at its regular meeting on July 17.

Council acknowledged the return of Councillor Mark Bourassa from his granted leave of absence.

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Approval was given to the waste water treatment facility project final design drawings prepared by MPE Engineering.

Recommendations by MPE Engineering for selection of seven general contractors for pre-qualification tender for the waste water treatment facility project were approved.

Reports accepted were: bylaw enforcement, foreman, administrator, recreation and the mayor report.

Approval was given to purchase parts to repair one of the pumps at the Town`s lift station for an estimated cost of $2,300.

Council acknowledged the new handicap parking spot on the north side of First Ave NW in the Town of Preeceville.

Byelection discussion featured naming Lorelei Karcha as chief administrator officer; Tammy Descalchuk as deputy returning officer and Elaine Simpson as poll clerk. Election date is set for September 18 with advance polls set for September 14.

Approval was granted to Ron Boyle, shop labourer for a medical leave of absence for six to eight weeks.

Building permits were approved for one tarp shed and two fences.

Committee reports from the Parkland Regional Waste Management and Preeceville Recreation for the Bike and Skate Park were accepted.