Town discusses and approves many topics

The Town of Preeceville approved its minutes from the October 14 meeting at the November 18 regular meeting.

The Waste Water Treatment Facility Project report provided by Colliers Project Leaders was accepted.

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Accounts paid and approved for MPE Engineering for the Lift Station project was accepted.

Council acknowledged Phase 3 of the Asbestos Abatement program done by Penta Restoration for 20 Main Street North that the work was completed, and monitoring and clearance was received.

Two tenders were received for the demolishing projects in Preeceville. Ludba Construction Ltd was awarded the demolishing of 126 Main Street North for a cost of $9,095 and J & R Pristie Holding was awarded the tender of 20 Main Street North in the amount of $34,965.

Council acknowledged the Returning Officer for the 2020 Municipal election to be Lorelei Karcha, Tammy Descalchuk was to be the Deputy Returning Officer and Elaine Simpson, the Polling Clerk. The advance polls were held October 24 at the Preeceville Community Legion Hall.

A quote received from Sky High Tree Services to prune 20 to 25 Town trees and clean-up in the amount of $4,000 was approved.

Reports were acknowledged and accepted from the Mayor, chief administrator, foreman, community development officer and recreation officer.

The doctor incentive agreement between the Town and Dr. Deborah Djan was approved.

Council approved three new stop signs and five new yield signs to be installed along the South Service Road next to Highway Avenue East and the new Gateway Co-op.

The Town submitted a request to the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure for speed restrictions on the Highway No. 49 and No. 9 adjacent to the South Service Road.

The easement agreement between the Town and Jared Stefanyshyn for providing access to his property was approved.

The Town approved Town shop employees, Chris Halkyard and Ron Boyle to receive re-certification for OHS, CPR, First Aid and AED.

Approval was given to Chris Smith to take Arena Operating Level 1 training.

The Preeceville Public Library committee report was acknowledged.