Town of Preeceville council approved minute from first meeting in 2020

The Town of Preeceville council approved its January 22 minutes at its regular meeting held on February 19 according to Tammy Descalchuk, office assistant.

A proposal provided by MPE Engineering Ltd. to provide engineering services to complete the Town’s Waterworks System Assessment, Round 4 as required by the Water Security Agency and complete a review and update of the Town’s Water Treatment Plant Facility Upgrades for a total cost of $9,000 plus taxes was accepted as presented.

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The Doctor Incentive Agreement between the Town of Preeceville and Dr. Ali Amin Lari was approved as presented.

The Town of Preeceville provided an incentive payment to Dr. Catharina Meyer in the amount of $1,500, to assist with fees associated with the doctor’s attendance at a medical conference that will benefit the health services provided in the community.

It was acknowledged that Sask Water hosted a presentation and discussion meeting on a potential regional potable water system on January 30at Preeceville Community Legion Hall and approval had been given for all Town Council members who were available, the chief administrative officer and the town foreman to attend the meeting.

The 2019 budgeted amount of $7,500 was issued to the Preeceville Community Legion Hall Committee for the Hall’s Dining Area Flooring Project.

The Town is replacing and bring up to date all of the first aid kits in the town-owned buildings and equipment at an estimated cost of $720.

Councillor Chris Balyski was appointed to the Town Council Human Recourses Committee and a meeting of this committee is be held in March to review the Town’s human resources policies and procedures.

It was acknowledged that Tammy Descalchuk, office assistant, has successfully completed the Local Government Authority Course.