Town of Preeceville council examines many topics

The Town of Preeceville council discussed many issues at its January 20 meeting held at the Preeceville Community Legion Hall.

Council acknowledged the Waste Water Treatment Facility Project report.

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Preeceville Fire Chief Trevor Bartel and Deputy Fire Chief Cliff Prestie were guests at the meeting and they reviewed the Preeceville Fire Department services and the department’s service areas.

Gerald Gulka met with council to discuss his renters outstanding account that included the town's water service deposits and water service disconnection policies.

Reports that were acknowledgement were submitted by the following: Bylaw Enforcement, the Chief Administrator, the Mayor, Recreation, Community Development and Town Foreman.

Council approved the payment of an invoice received from J and R Pristie Holdings Ltd. (Rick Pristie) for the demolishing of a town building located at 20 Main Street North in the amount of $33,390 but this amount to be paid less the amount owing by Pristie to the town in the amount of $1,473.

The proposal from Beckie Hydro Geologist Ltd to provide consulting hydro service for the 2021 water supply wells rehabilitation project was approved in the amount of $29,000.

Approval was given for Queterec Living Tree Environmental to provide a comprehensive Dutch Elm survey for the town in the summer of 2021.

Council approved Chris Halkyard, shop employee, to maintain his Level 1 water treatment and distribution and Waste Water Treatment and Collection certification.

Trailer occupants and lot renters of six properties were to be written a letter informing them that their 2020 lot rent and trailer lease fees were in arrears and they were given until February to pay.

The Preeceville Arena Board was issued $10,000 as its portion of the 2021 operating grant allocation.

Employees Chris Smith, Jason Durand and Andrea Tonn received approval to attend the Power Mobile Equipment course that was held in Norquay.

Council extended building permits to three properties.

The law firm of Leland Campbell Kondratoff Persick of Yorkton was approved as the town's solicitors for 2021.

Council set the service rates for the town, for small equipment and grass cutting as follows: $50/hour, sewer calls during regular hours or on weekends, $90/hour and town towing or pulling out semi-trailers or large vehicles, $150/ tow.

Council renewed its memberships to SUMA and to the North East Area Transportation committee.

The agreement between the town and Service Canada for rental space at the Preeceville Public Library was approved.