Town of Preeceville council set budget at special meeting

The Town of Preeceville held a special meeting on May 15 to discuss and acknowledge the 2019 annual budget and the Town's Wastewater Treatment project.

Council finalized the 5-year budget and the capital works project was tabled. The preliminary design report for the Treatment facility was accepted and a public meeting is scheduled to discuss and to provide information on the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Facility (Lagoon) Project.

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At the April 10th meeting council accepted possession of property at 10 Main Street North.

The council approved the purchase of a hydraulic skid steer auger.

Ashley Ward and Colin Masko were approved as crow and pigeon control officers.

Reports were accepted from the foreman, mayor, bylaw officer and recreation department.

Correspondences accepted included: SUMA update, GSSD board report and provincial education feedback, SUMA membership renewal and Access Communications upgrades.