Town of Preeceville to host byelection

The Town of Preeceville will be holding a byelection to fill the vacancy left by Councillor Johnny Petryshyn. The byelection for the position of one councillor is set for September 18 and nominees have from July 18 to August 14 to put their names up for nomination, stated Lorelei Karcha, Town of Preeceville administrator.

Petryshyn has moved and was a town councillor for four terms for a total of 14 years on town council. He held numerous positions on different boards within the council and community. His resignation will be made official on August 31.

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“Just a reminder, the Town’s election date for mayor and six councillors is set for October 28, 2020. Nominees have from July 18 to August 14 next year to put their names in for mayor or as a councillor. Campaigning will be done from August 14 to 18 with the election on October 28,” said Karcha.

Urban municipal councils are elected for four-year terms, starting with the first meeting following the election.

Urban councils consist of an elected mayor and a certain number of councillors. Generally, cities will have six to ten; towns will have six; villages usually have two or four. Municipalities may increase or decrease the size of its council by passing a bylaw at least 180 days before the general election. The lowest number of council members an urban municipality can have is a mayor and two councillors, stated the Saskatchewan government website.

Municipalities that are divided into wards elect one council member for each ward.

The next nomination day for cities, towns, and villages will be September 23, 2020. At least 10 business days before nomination day, the returning officer will publish and post a Notice of Call for Nominations stating the vacancies to be filled by the election. Nominations can be filed at the municipal administration office any time during regular office hours and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on nomination day.

Persons eligible for nomination as a candidate in an urban municipality must: be at least 18 years old on Election Day; be a Canadian citizen; have resided in the municipality for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the date nomination paper is submitted; and have resided in Saskatchewan for at least six consecutive months immediately preceding the date nomination paper is submitted.

Nomination papers must be signed by at least five voters of the municipality or ward (if applicable), in urban municipalities with a population of less than 20,000.  An urban municipality or ward with a population of 20,000 or more requires the signatures of at least 25 electors.

If the urban municipality passed a bylaw requiring candidates to submit a criminal record check, it must be filed with the nomination paper.