Twin pen pals meet to celebrate 75 years

Mary Neudorf of Rosthern and Lorna Brodziak of Saskatoon, formerly of Preeceville, have been corresponding for 75 years.

The twin pen pals met in July as they were unable to get together on their April 12 birthdays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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They began writing to each other at the age of 12 after having met through the Pathfinders page in the Free Press Prairie Farmer which was printed in Winnipeg at the time. Neudorf and Brodziak have continued to stay in touch with each other for 75 years.

The pen pals first met in person in 1967; and later celebrated birthdays together in 1972, 1975 and 1981. Now at the age of 87, writing is “not so good any more” so phone calls are in order. Neudorf and Brodziak continue to send each other birthday cards and Christmas cards every year.