Urbanoski, Olson, Bashforth reappointed to Sturgis Housing Authority

Hazel Urbanoski, Donna Olson and Kathleen Bashforth have been reappointed to the Sturgis Housing Authority board of directors. 

Other members of the board of directors are Blaine Medlang and Elaine Christopherson. Christopherson is chairperson, said a release from Social Services. 

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The Sturgis Housing Authority is a community-based organization that provides daily management of 27 housing units constructed and operated under the terms of a federal provincial municipal cost sharing agreement, according to the release.

Paul Merriman, Social Services Minister, paid tribute to the volunteers who manage the social housing projects in their community. 

“This local hands-on approach ensures that the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation responds effectively to the needs of each community,” he said.

Saskatchewan has a network of 260 housing authorities and more than 1,400 volunteer members who assist with management of housing units throughout the province for seniors, low income families and persons with disabilities, said the release.

Persons interested in volunteering to serve on the board of directors for the Sturgis Housing Authority are encouraged to contact Allan Holmberg, the mayor of Sturgis. A local nominating committee recommends board members.

Applications for accommodation are available from the manager of the Sturgis Housing Authority.