Voters make voices heard across region in election

Voters across the area spoke loudly for change when they voted in this year’s November 9 rural and urban elections.

In the Town of Preeceville, Ralph Ager unseated incumbent Garth Harris by a vote of 205 (Ager) to 80 (Harris) in the mayor race. There were a total of 287 votes cast for mayor.

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Councillors who kept their seats were: Darin Newton (225 votes), Sheldon Luciw and Stacey Strykowski each received 212 votes, and Welma Bartel with 159 votes. Newcomers to council will be Florian Balawyder (236) and Jesse Nelson (202). There were 287 votes cast for council.

Lorelei Karcha, Town administrator, was the returning officer. Council members will take their oath to office at the first meeting in November.

In the Town of Sturgis, Don Olson was elected mayor by acclamation prior to the election.

Councillors who kept their seats were: Daniel Wasylenchuk (131 votes), Jennifer Bayer (129), Perry Keller (125) and Dale Bashforth (120). New to council are Aileen Lubiniecki (137) and Randy Sommerville (112). There were 195 ballets cast with Amanda Masley as returning officer. Council will take its oath to office at the first meeting held in November.

In the Rural Municipality of Preeceville, newcomer Johnny Petryshyn unseated incumbent Reeve Rick Pristie by a vote of 215 (Petryshyn) to 197 (Pristie). There were 419 ballets cast for reeve and councillor positions.

Councillor for Division 1 will be Corwin Tonn (76) who defeated Wayne Mastrachuk (35).

In Division 2, Dale Parkin received 61 votes to defeat Peter Ivanochko who received 39 votes.

In Division 3, Linda Blender received 36 voters to squeak out a win over Lawrence Hamilton, who received 34 votes.

In Division 5, Reg Yaremchuk received 47 votes to defeat Merle Mastrachuk who received 13 votes.

Lisa Peterson, administrator, was the returning officer for the election. Council will take its oath to office at the first meeting held in November.

Voting for councillors took place at different locations, Div. 1 and 3 was held in Sturgis. Div. 2 and 4 was held in Preeceville and Div. 5 and 6 was held in Endeavour. Voting for the reeve position was held at all three locations.

Division 4 and 6 councillors were not up for election. Reg Strand is the Division 4 councillor and Gabe Goodsman is the Division 6 councillor.

In the Rural Municipality of Hazel Dell, Don Holowachuk defeated Randy Harriman for the reeve position by a vote of 117 to 99.

All councillors were elected by acclamation, Allan Kreshewski in Div. 2, Keith Galbraith, Div. 4 and Brent Elmy, Div. 6.

Councillors not up for election were, Dallas Chornomitz in Div.1. and Colin Redman, Div, 3.

Voting took place at the Hazel Dell Community Hall and council will take its oath to office at the first meeting held in November.

Michael Rattray was the Returning Officer