Walking program being held at the old Sturgis Elementary School building

“Walking is one of the best exercises for all age groups and it is free,” said Eugene Boychuk, one of the organizers of the Sturgis indoor walking program.

The program kicked off for another season on November 1. It is currently being held at the old Sturgis Elementary School every Monday and Thursday evening.

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Boychuk organized a World Series pool with funds allotted towards the walking club. “It is free to join with lots of good benefits, whatever may be your physical condition,” said Boychuk. “Walking indoors away from the elements is a good way to derive excellent weight loss, and maintain good health in a safe environment.

“Walking makes people feel better and they are more energetic and it is a good way to relax. Staying motivated is easy; walk with other people indoors during the winter and with music.

“This program concludes on March 30, after which participants are encouraged to continue walking outdoors around town when the weather permits. Anyone of any age can participate,” he concluded.