Lacrosse teams bring home silver medals from provincials

The Sturgis Trojan U-16 and U-19 lacrosse teams each brought home a silver medal from provincials held in Saskatoon on June 16 and 17.

Coaches for both teams were Mark Huska of Preeceville and Brad Cameron, Conrad Peterson and Craig Folk, all of Sturgis.

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Team members for the U-16 team were: Camron Secundiak, Keanu Albarracin, Zane Bayer, Seth Rayner, Carter Masley, Daniell Miurva, Tylan Kucharyshyn, Seth Hort, and Shae Peterson, all of Sturgis; Willen Paligan of Preeceville; Durban Hleboff, Maxwell Mydonick, Jacob Danyluk, William Hauber, Thomas Hauber and Toby Olynyk, all of Canora; Ethan Krawetz and Nicholas Bielecki of Kamsack; TJ Ebert and Dustin Shankowsky of Norquay; Shelby Wallin of Margo and Peyton Shewchuk of Invermay.

Team members for the U-19 team were: Garrett Bazuik, Zane Bayer, JR Puyos, Carter Masley, Bo Babiuk, Seth Hort, Jalen Bayer, Kyle Teron, Shae Peterson, Seth Rayner, all of Sturgis; Willen Paligan and Jake Huska of Preeceville; Jacob Danyluk, Durban Hleboff, Jessie Biletski and William Hauber, all of Canora; Troy Bryksa of Foam Lake, Tyler Shankowsky of Norquay, Shelby Wallin of Margo, Kishaun Gervais and Danton L"Hereaux, both of Yorkton; Nicholas Bielecki and Ethen Krawetz, both of Kamsack and Peyton Shewchuk of Invermay.

The U-16 team played five games in total against teams from Saskatoon, Yorkton and Prince Albert.

"We lost to Saskatoon in the final for the gold by a score of 11-10. We had numerous opportunities to tie the score but could not capitalize on them," said Brad Cameron, coach.

William Hauber of Canora was the U-16 tournament MVP. Seth Rayner of Sturgis was named the All-Star.

The U-19 category had three teams; Sturgis, Saskatoon and Yorkton. Sturgis lost to Saskatoon in the gold match by a final score of 12-3. Keshane Gervais from Yorkton was named the mid-field All Star.