Preeceville Panthers claim second spot in league

The Preeceville Panthers played a hard-fought home game in a victory over Carrot River to claim second spot in the league on October 4.

The 28 to 26 win ensures Preeceville a playoff spot in the run for the provincial title. Preeceville was to play Carrot River once again in the first playoff game on October 11 with results not available at the date of publication.

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"The game started with a terrible kickoff," said Jeremy Mattison, coach. "The first half of the game was slow both on defence and offence. Carrot River moved the ball well and our guys were hesitating against our opposition. Halftime proved to be the breaking point with the team re-focusing and determined to come back from the 13 to 0 deficit. We fought back and led Carrot River 14 to 13 in the second half. Christian Acosta ran for three touchdowns and Gerbo Javelona scored the fourth touchdown in the game. It was a lot of back and forth scoring for both teams but with only 30 seconds left on the clock we pulled out a touchdown and field goal for the win," he said.

Porcupine Plain won the league regular season title with Carrot River in third place, St Brieux in fourth and Hudson Bay in fifth place.