Preeceville Panthers football team win first two games of the season

The Preeceville Panthers football team may be small in numbers but team members have proven to be successful in recording two shutout wins to begin the season.

"The team won its home opener on September 6 against Hudson Bay with a 42 to 0 win," said Jeremy Mattison, coach.

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"The boys played hard and their hard work, dedication and passion for the game showed when they came together as a team. With a small and young bench, we had to work hard and made mistakes during the game. It started with some miscommunication but as the game progressed the team improved. Willen Paligan, Christian Acosta and Todd Pankratz had big games offensively and defensively. The defence played well with remembering the plays and drills that they learned in practice. All players got a lot of playing time and showed lots of heart on the field," said Mattison. “The win has given the team confidence but we will remain humble with plenty of work to do on and off the field.”

The Panthers second game of the season was against St. Brieux on September 12. The team defeated St. Brieux with another shutout win, this time by a score of 40 to 0.

 "Well it was a little slower start on offence in this game. We led 18 to 0 at the half but the offence started putting it together in the second half with good drives. And the defence played really good again but also made mistakes that St. Brieux didn’t take advantage of. Both sides of the ball played a good team game," concluded Mattison.