Preeceville School junior boys end successful season with bronze medals

The Preeceville School junior boys basketball team ended its season with winning a bronze medal at districts held in Yorkton on March 2 and 3.

"We beat Sturgis 55 to 33; lost to Yorkton Regional 31 to 33; and then beat Melville Comp in the bronze medal game with a final score of 44 to 29,” said Kipp Bayer, coach.

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The team also attended tournaments in Norquay, St Henrys in Melville, and Langenburg during the season and won all three tournaments.

“We defeated Sturgis in the conference final but both teams advanced to districts,” concluded Bayer.

Team members were: Eric Dodge, Apaar Singh, Brady Kashuba, Caden Worobetz, Gerbo Javelona, Harry Bartel, Merlin Kovacs, Isaac Kashuba, Lexluv Acosta, Damion Kinneard, Evan Bochniuk, Anthony Ford, Ethan Scanlon, Floyd Pinaroc, Tristan Acosta, Zander Neitling and Lyndon Gawrelitza.