Sturgis Open Bonspiel a fun event for all ages

The Sturgis Open bonspiel hosted eight teams from January 15 to 19.

"With a small number of entries we decided that it would only be for fun with no prizes awarded," said Tyler Blender, president of the Sturgis Curling rink.

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Teams entered were skipped by: Kylie Babiuk, Craig Folk, Wyatt Mastrachuk, Cory Babiuk, Brad Cameron, Kerrie Smith, Patrick Kardynal and Amanda Masley.

A steak supper on January 19 was well received with 100 individuals in attendance.

The Sturgis Curling rink also scheduled to host a kids and mixed doubles bonspiel on February 10 to 14; a Matt's windup bonspiel on March 20 to 24 and the Sturgis Composite School Grade 4 to 6 bonspiel on March 22.

Keith and Cory Babiuk are the ice makers for the season. The executive is Tyler Blender, president; Craig Folk, vice-president; Meghan Morton, secretary and Trudy Halvorson, treasurer.