Town of Preeceville Council discuss many topics

The Town of Preeceville approved its minutes from the March 11 meeting during the most recent regular meeting held on April 15, according to the minutes published on the town's web page.

Rhonda Durand, health service manager for the Preeceville and District Health Centre gave a general discussion that regarded health services, maintaining staff at the facility, physician coverage, colocation renovation project and the roof project at the facility.

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A quote was received from KBM Resources Group on providing a comprehensive Dutch Elm Disease survey during the summer.

The Waterworks Compliance inspection report was provided by Rick Shelchuk, Water Security Agency environmental officer. The report held the findings on the inspection done in February.

Council approved designated streets, Second Avenue Northwest to First Street Northwest on both sides as residential and visitor parking only. A further amendment to the bylaw of Town Traffic Control was to be prepared and brought back to the next council meeting.

The council agreed to meet the terms and conditions in supporting the Canada Infrastructure Program.

Council dealt with building permit extensions on several properties.

The Gateway Co-op Ltd request for a deviation from the maximum commercial signage heights and facial area requirements on its property located at 853 Highway Avenue East was approved by council. The signage includes a storefront Co-op logo sign, and two free standing Co-op logo signs.

A donation of $2,500 was made to the Sturgis, Preeceville and Endeavour Family Resource Centre in support of continued operations of the Centre.

The town's membership to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities was renewed.

Reports were received from the town's foreman, community development, recreation, chief administration, Preeceville Public Library and the Parkland Regional Waste Management.

A special meeting was held on March 16 to discuss and act upon the current COVID-19 pandemic. Measures were put into place by the Saskatchewan government regarding the health and safety of town residents and employees. The town made precautionary measures by closing all recreation and social facilities and closed the town administration building to the public. Sewer router services by town shop staff were temporary suspended. Town equipment may be provided to residents to use.